Sunday, September 14, 2014

Is that a gaming console in your pocket?..Ep 6

The turning of the century brought with it a sea of promises:  Airplanes falling out of the sky, bank accounts being wiped by computer viruses, social collapse, civil unrest, World War III, Skynet (again), and the most terrifying of all, a boy from West Philadelphia – born and raised – wanted to party like it was still 1999. The Willenium had arrived. Once it did, though, we simply realized we’d woken up to yet another day. Our robot overlords deemed it unnecessary to enslave us..yet.

Despite the let down and lack of apocalyptic events in 2000 – I voted radioactive mutants –, on June 11, 2001 North America got its hands on a device that made millions of gamers glad the world hadn’t ended a year before. With graphical capabilities that rivaled the SNES, a button layout that felt natural and efficient, and a continuing library of games that have always been the cornerstone of Nintendo’s handheld repertoire, gamers on the move were introduced to the next big thing; The Game Boy Advance!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Is that a gaming console in your pocket….Ep 5

I love my Genesis. In fact, aside from still owning one (Well, two. I “acquired my mother-in-law’s) – as all video game enthusiasts should – I continue to purchase accessories and games from garage sales and thrift store shelves, even if I already have them – again, as any retro gamer should. I grew up with the Genesis primarily. I still remember my father’s friend playing Sonic on his archaic, back lit, 70”(or something, I was a little kid) big screen TV. When he handed me the controller, at all of 5 years old, it was game over. Or game on as it may be. So when Sega introduced a handheld that was what amounted to a portable Genesis…well, I nearly exploded with excitement.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is that a gaming console in your pocket?...Ep. 4

Not every device hits the mark, but some of them damn sure try. Today we look at what I have always considered the number two spot on my top 5 list of handhelds. With excellent games, fantastic graphics, and the ability to connect with Sega’s swan song, the Dreamcast, this little handheld was a personal favorite when I first experienced it back in good ol’ 1999. Join me as I return to the land of the handhelds in this week’s “Is that a gaming console in your pocket…”, as we look at the short lived, but impressive Neo Geo Pocket.

Ep 4: The Little Handheld that Could.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is that a game system in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

Ep 3: Too much, Too Soon

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that handheld gaming – barring inclusion of what can be considered prototypes like Nintendo’s Game and Watch line – is 25 years old. That’s a quarter of a century! What may be more surprising to those who were unaware, who forgot, or are too young, is that even back in the beginning there was a system that already had features that wouldn’t become the norm for over a decade later.

*Gasp* a double dose of handheld gaming goodness! You're so lucky!

Ep 2: The New Kid in Town.

Though my first gaming experience was with the original NES, I truly cut my teeth on the Sega Genesis. With faster gameplay, beautiful graphics, and the very first game I ever perfected (Sonic 3 was my first-hand introduction to Super Sonic) it seemed fitting that this second entry in my continued look at portable gaming be the history of Sega’s answer to the juggernaut that was the Nintendo Game Boy, the Sega Game Gear.

Jeez, I said it was "soon" didn't I?

Few things for me have been more life changing than my introduction to video games. From my father purchasing an original NES that just so happened to make it into my room after he got bored with it to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sitting on the shelves under my HDTV right now, I got bit by the bug young and have never looked back. I became a man obsessed before I even started elementary school and that obsession hasn’t waned in over two decades.

Trial by fire.

Low and behold, a new article is soon to be revealed.

I've got something in my pocket, would you like to see it?